• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM THREATS For example, a debt collector may not threaten to accuse you of fraud or
    a crime or threaten to ridicule or embarrass you.
  • A debt collector may not garnish your wages or social security payments
    unless a court judgment is entered against you. Even then, other
    restrictions may prohibit a creditor from garnishing your wages.
  • A debt collector may not call you if they know you have an attorney

Unfair, Untrue, Undignified – or Just Plain Disrespectful

Collectors Have Rules

West Virginia and Federal law provide significant Protections from debt collectors. 

You had trouble paying your debt.  This does not mean you are guilty of a crime.  This does not mean they can harass and embarrass you.

A debt collector cannot call you Repeatedly, threaten to add fees, including Attorney Fees, to your accounts, refuse to tell you who they are, threaten to garnish your wages or social security, threaten to sue you on old accounts, among others.

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